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Decibel Products 4 channel hybrid combiner

A Decibel Products 4 channel hybrid combiner is now used to combine all 4 of our UHF repeaters transmitters so only a single antenna is required!

This is a very expensive piece of equipment which we had to import from the USA.

It was well worth the expense as it works so well.

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Brandmeister DMR on GB7IT

GB7IT is our DMR repeater which is connected to the Brandmeister network.

We are using a Yaesu DR-1X repeater with an MMDVM KI6ZUM board and TCXO on an Arduino Due plugged into the rear 15w HD connector of the DR-1X.
The MMDVM is run by a tiny Raspberry Pi 3 computer with the KB5RAB image installed.

You can now operate through GB7IT on 439.5125 MHz with a -9 MHz TX shift using DMR.
You listen on 439.5125MHz
You transmit on 430.5125MHz

On DMR use timeslot 2, talkgroup 9 and colour-code 1 to talk to the World via the brandmeister network.
The local chat channel is on TimeSlot 1, TalkGroup 235145, colour-code 1.

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Owl February 2016



GB3WE 5 GHz Dish & 2.4 GHz Tonna

GB3WE Antennas June 2014

GB3WE Antennas June 2014
5 GHz omni
5 GHz dish
2.4 GHz omni
2.4 GHz Tonna
GB3WB 8 Stack
GB3WE Folded dipole

GB3WE Woodpecker

GB3WE Woodpecker

GB3WE Woodpecker



GB7WB Fan Control Thermostat Modified & Fitted

GB7WB Fan Control Thermostat Modified & Fitted.
The thermostat we had only had a ‘normally-closed’ contact and we needed a ‘normally-open’ contact to put the 24v fans on when ever the repeaters got too hot.
With three FX5000 repeaters stacked on top of each other, with their six combined crystal ovens and three power amplifiers etc you would be surprised just how hot they get!

A grub-screw was removed which was fitted to provide a rest for the center contact of the bi-metalic strip. A small screw with a solder-tag and wire was used to replace the grub-screw and the wire was attached to the spare solder post.

Now we have a single-pole, double-throw set of contacts and the fan switches on when the temperature rises.

GB3IE FX5000 Dual-Mode D-Star GMSK ircDDB Gateway & FM Repeater On Test

GB3IE Dual-Mode D-Star GMSK & FM FX5000 Repeater

GB3IE Dual-Mode D-Star GMSK & FM FX5000 Repeater

The Weston Repater Group recently completed a new dual-mode D-Star GMSK ircDDB & FM repeater for Plymouth. GB3IE is now on test in Plymouth, and will hopefully be in full dual-mode service very soon when its new NoV arrives.

GB3WB GB7WB & GB3WE Now All Using FX5000 Repeaters



All of our FM analogue and D-Star GMSK DV-RPTR repeaters are now using FX5000 base-stations.