Brandmeister DMR on GB7IT

GB7IT is our DMR repeater which is connected to the Brandmeister network.

We are using a Yaesu DR-1X repeater with an MMDVM KI6ZUM board and TCXO on an Arduino Due plugged into the rear 15w HD connector of the DR-1X.
The MMDVM is run by a tiny Raspberry Pi 3 computer with the KB5RAB image installed.

You can now operate through GB7IT on 439.5125 MHz with a -9 MHz TX shift using DMR.
You listen on 439.5125MHz
You transmit on 430.5125MHz

On DMR use timeslot 2, talkgroup 9 and colour-code 1 to talk to the World via the brandmeister network.
The local chat channel is on TimeSlot 1, TalkGroup 235145, colour-code 1.

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Unfortunately our big top-band dipole is held up by a hilomast, which continuously lets us down.
If you are ever tempted to buy a hilomast, then please think again.
The design is very poor, and the cost of replacement gaskets is incredibly high.
SMC communications, South Midlands Communications has the monopoly on all the spares.
They charge £20 to post a small envelope containing the gaskets!
SMC couldn’t be more awkward or slow in dealing with our order.
Please do not buy a hilomast, as you will be left very disappointed!

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