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GB3WB wind turbine failure

In the tremendous winds of the morning of 05/01/2011 at 1am the tail was broken off of the GB3WB wind turbine. This had the disastrous effect of stopping the turbine from auto-furling.

This left the blades facing the wind, which caused them to spin at thousands of RPM until they were all broken off. This is a disaster for our repeaters.

It is worth noting that our modified oil-filled heater 24v dumpload worked perfectly day after day and saved our expensive battery sets from over voltage charging and burning out.
Other repeaters running from wind turbine power not so far away lost their dumpload, which in turn destroyed their battery sets. They also lost their mast and antenna. It was a real nightmare for us all!

We have currently turned off the repeaters to conserve the power in the batteries.

A new tail and set of blades will have to be bought and fitted asap so that the repeaters can be activated again.

Click on the play button below to watch a video of what is left of our turbine.

GB3WB 2 New Globe Photo Galleries

GB3WB Globe Photo Galleries
Have a look at our 1st photo gallery here                Have a look at our 2nd photo gallery here

Gb3wb photo gallery 1
Gb3wb photo gallery. Click on the pic to view

gb3wb photo gallery 2
Gb3wb photo gallery 2. Click on the pic to view

GB3WB Wind Turbine Test LEDs

GB3WB Wind Turbine Test LEDs which are used to test our new 12 way slip-ring mounted at the top of our tower.

GB3WB Wind Turbine Modifications

GB3WB Wind Turbine Modifications. The GRP blades have now been balanced. New tail pivot spring brackets have also been fitted. A second 12 way slip-ring has been fitted inside the main 3 phase slip-ring so that other equipment may be fitted onto the turbine to monitor its preformance or send other data. At the moment LED’s have been fitted to each circuit to test them.