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Yaesu DR-1X Repeater MultiMode Operation

Yaesu DR-1X Repeater MultiMode Operation.

The Yaesu DR-1X Repeater can be easily used for D-Star or DMR if you connect an MMDVM board to the rear accessories connector.

The Weston Repeater Group use four Yaesu DR1X’s as four of our five repeaters, and they work well and have done for years.
One is driven from a Wires-X box and is used as our Fusion repeater, two are in analogue ALLstar mode, one on VHF and one on UHF, but 2 are using MMDVM boards with no problem and run with Raspberry Pi 3’s, operating from Pi-Star SD cards.

Our fifth repeater is our D-Star repeater which uses a Simoco FX-5000.

All five repeaters then share the same antenna, which is nice!

To get the audio in and out of the rear 15w high density accessory socket and by-pass the filtered audio path between the RX and TX you will have to put the repeater into remote mode by grounding the appropriate pin on the accessories 15w rear connector. This is pin 1, which must always remain grounded.
Then make sure to use the CTCSS input pin rather than the audio input pin.
The correct pin is pin 6 ‘TONE IN’

All the pin-outs are in the manual.

I selected wide FM rather than narrow FM on the DR-1X so that the modulation was perfect from the MMDVM board, even though you would have thought that narrow would have been more suitable.

I have been caught out with the ‘remote operation’ selection wire coming off of pin 1 before and it does make everything very confusing because it sort of sounds like the digital signals are going through the repeater and into the MMDVM correctly, but in fact they are never getting to the MMDVM board, they are simply passing internally through the DR1X!
All very annoying when these things catch you out.

Amazon do some really nice break out PCB’s with the 15w connectors on them if you tire of soldering the buckets of the standard connectors.

The most important settings to get right in the Pi-Star configuration is to set the TX and RX invert to 1.

Then you need to realise that the TX deviation is very critical, and wider than you would first imagine on DMR.

I have set our DR1x to wide deviation to get the best modulation, even though you would think that you must use narrow.

We use Pi-Star on our raspberry Pi’s which drive MMDVM boards connected to Arduino’s.

If you are using different boards then you could find that your modulation sense is different to ours, and hence you will need to change the inversion settings.

Make sure that you have grounded pin 1 of the 15w socket on the rear of your repeater to put it into remote mode!

Make sure that as well as grounding pin 1 on the 15w rear socket of the repeater, do not use the AF IN pin 7 for your TX audio into the repeater. You must use pin 6 ‘TONE IN’ as this is the unfiltered audio input.
I hear of people using the AF IN pin all the time, but it will never work properly.

As far as RX audio goes, you obviously do not use the AF OUT pin 9, you must use the DISC OUT pin 8, which is unfiltered audio.

With the repeater set to wide FM rather than narrow FM it will all work perfectly.

On the touch screen of the repeater, you need to set the mode of the TX and RX to FM, rather than auto or digital.

You can force the repeater into this mode without touching the screen by setting pins 11 and 12 to the correct logic levels.

Pin 11 should be set low and pin 12 should set high to force the repeater into FM on TX and RX.

Good luck.

GB3WE VHF repeater now an ALLstar analogue FM repeater

Our VHF analogue repeater GB3WE is off air due to serious abuse and threats by Mike Chenery G7MJT of the Isle of Avalon Amateur Radio Club (Glastonbury) radio club. His actions are of such a serious nature that the repeater is unlikely to be back on air for some time.

Last message from Mike Chenery G7MJT of the Isle of Avalon Amateur Radio Club (Glastonbury) radio club: “I keep reading that GB3WE is ‘on-air’ when it patently is not. I have not been able to hear it, or use it for at least three days? ( As at 11:12 am 17th June) . My God, what an aggressive nasty person you are. I made an enquiry, and got THIS back! I shall post it all over the place, Twitter, Facebook, and show it to my Radio Club friends. As for you, arsehole, may your balls turn square and fester at the edges.”

All four of our UHF analogue and digital repeaters are on air and working at the moment.

As with most repeaters we do suffer from a very few idiots intent on spoiling the repeaters for everyone.
Please ignore these trouble making people and do not reply to them or acknowledge them in any way.

We have a new project under way to allow us to pin point the exact location of these people and block them from accessing our repeaters.

We urgently need help to raise funds to buy the new hardware to enable us to keep our repeaters on the air and free from trouble.

We will be able to easily produce maps showing the exact location of any trouble making transmissions, which will be used as evidence when reporting and helping to take these people off air.

It is now Wednesday, July 8 th 2020 and we still need your support.

If you can help with a donation so that we can keep all our repeaters on air, then please use the PayPal donate button on this site or use the contact form so that you can use bank transfer or meet up with us.
Any amount will help!

bank details:


Please enter your callsign or name in the reference box when you use a bank transfer.

Please email us once you have made a bank transfer and include your callsign so that we know who has made payments to us. Send your email to: info@gb3wb.com

Thank you

People who have sent donations for the new DF system:

M7DMS Dave
G8NQO Alex
M1OOO Iain
2W0CGM Nigel

MW6OIV Robert
G4UPR Melvin
G3SDH Paul
M0RSJ Keith
MW6RQC Robert
2W0ZBC Glyn
M6NQJ Andrew
G7RPG Peter
M0HZE Philip
G0KJF rick
2E0RLZ Simon
G0UQT Steve
G7AIS Geoffrey
M0HZE Philip
GW0UXJ Ashley
GW0MTI Malcolm

Here are some photos taken via the repeater site CCTV of the GB3WB Buzzard who has lived at the site for years.
These were taken on Saturday 9th December 2017.
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GB3WE VHF repeater now an ALLstar analogue FM repeater!

You can now talk World wide via the ALLstar network using your VHF FM radio.

We are connected to HUBNet which is a very busy network.


M0HOY HUBNet Monitor

ALLstar Network

The repeater is controlled by a tiny raspberry pi 3. This handles the ALLstar connectivity as well as the courtesy tones and logic.

You listen on 145.6875MHz
Use a -600 KHz Split
94.8Hz CTCSS
You transmit on 145.0875MHz

Our UHF FM repeater GB3WB has the same raspberry pi 3 ALLstar system fitted.

You listen on 433.300MHz
94.8Hz CTCSS
+1.6MHz Split
You transmit on 434.900MHz

At the end of each transmission or ‘over’ the analogue repeaters will send one of three CW (morse) letters.

They will send an ‘L’ (.-..) if the last user was a local RF user and the repeater is connected to the ALLstar network.

The repeaters will send an ‘I’ (..) if the last signal was originating from the Internet.

The repeaters will send a ‘U’ (..-) if they are not connected to the ALLstar network and the last user must have been a local RF user.

GB3WB automatically disconnects from ALLstar at 21:15 until 22:15 every night to allow the repeater to be used for a regular net which is run from the Cardiff area and this net has become a great part of GB3WB.

When ever using the ALLstar network please always leave a four second pause between transmissions as this allows the nodes and repeaters to reset. This four second gap also allows others to break into the conversation.

Our two Allstar repeaters are connected to the HUBNet UK network.

Please get in touch using our contact form if you think that any of our 5 repeaters are not working.

Weston repeater group

If Budweiser made repeater sites this is what they would look like!

If Budweiser made repeater sites this is what they would look like!

This is the Weston repeater groups cabinet July 2016, only one of the Yaesu repeaters is being used for fusion! One is FM only and two are used for MMDVM:

Owl February 2016



GB3WE 5 GHz Dish & 2.4 GHz Tonna

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